Saturday, February 21, 2009

Here's the living room after we got it painted. We are going to paint the kitchen this color this spring and paint the kitchen cabinets an off white. I have been looking for new hardware for the doors, but really can't decide. Just might spray paint the ones I have.

Here's one of Craig a couple years ago before we redid the living room.

Found this picture of Craig and Ruthie when they first started dating.
Well, it snowed again early this morning and the wind was so high, it looked like a blizzard. The sun is trying to come out now, so hopefully it will be melted by the end of the day.
Doug and Tiffany brought Craig home from school yesterday afternoon and stayed for supper. Doug had to work last night so they didn't stay long after they ate. Doug helped me cook.
Steve and Craig got up early to get in and out of Jared's visitation before the crowd got too large, and by 9am- they were lining up already. Bob and Kim, his parents, were there already and two soldiers were standing at ease at each end of the coffin. Steve and I went for a quick drive yesterday just before dark and all the flags they had lining Main Street were moved to in front of the funeral home and then around the corner and all the way down the street to the high school.
I had forgotten that Jared was one of Craig's high school baseball coaches. He graduated the year Craig was in 8th grade, so they never played high school ball together, but he helped Craig and the other players. Jared was an excellent baseball player and he was good with the younger kids. Craig was in his sister's ,Nikki, class.
There are no major plans for this weekend except house cleaning and the boring laundry. We may bake some cookies one afternoon while its still cool outside.
Can't wait till we can open the windows again!
This was Thursday at the Coles County airport. The Honor Guard are moving 1st Lt Jared W Southworth from the plane to the hearse. Literally thousands of people lined the streets in Charleston and Oakland to pay their respects to him and his family.