Friday, February 27, 2009

Some days are better than others and this is one of the others. The car is in the shop getting brakes fixed, and tires on the back end- just put 2 new ones on the front.
Steve heads off for work this morning and dropped the front end of the muffler down, so he came back home. I called work for him as he headed back out the door to access the damage and they offered to come and get him. So, he did get to work. the shop has both the car and the van and all I have left is a bicycle sitting out here and a couple pair of ice skates.
Went to bed with thunderstorms last night and woke up to snow.
The desk came in but can't go get it until they get the van fixed.
Craig starts working at the greenhouse Saturday, and he just might need a pair of the ice skates to get there.
I am so grateful for guardian angels. Its hard telling what would have happened this morning without them!