Monday, January 25, 2010

Got it ordered...

I had to call Canon and order the disk to download my zoom browser so I can download photos again...its hard telling what's on my camera...I just keep taking there should be plenty to post when I get about a week...oh well...


Been on the phone this morning to all the agencies I needed to notify to stop Harold's pensions and to get the life insurance filed.

They have all been very nice and the paperwork is in the mail. All we need to do is fill it out when it comes in, have Steve sign it and include a death certificate and mail it back.

The VA was so very nice and is including more paperwork to get a certificate signed by the president thanking Harold's family for his service. Any family member can get one, so I am going to get one for each of his grandkids.

I need to talk to Steve again before I call the lawyers office, so can't do that one until in the morning.

I also called the bank and had them reject any future payments from anyone, so we won't have to mail anything back that slips through since its so close to the end of the month. That was the VA's suggestion, not my bright idea.

It's kind of weird being alone this morning. It seems like there has been someone here since before Christmas and now it's just me and the cats and the dog...and so far they are napping.

Got the dish washer started and plan to just putter around here today and play on the computer.

I got the thank you cards done and now I have to lick all of those envelopes. I want them ready to mail when the guys show up tonight. They can run them up and drop them in the box.

And you won't believe what its doing outside here...yep...the white stuff is back...oh well, not exactly what I would have ordered...but someone must like it...

Have a great day and do something just for the fun of it!