Saturday, March 21, 2009

Just a few shadows in the north part of the yard. We worked outside this morning and got all the leaf raking done and transplanted a few iris shoots. Then we dog proofed the porch so Jersey can't get loose anymore.
Craig will head back to Doug's tomorrow afternoon and begin classes again on Monday. It won't be long now till both kids are done with school for the summer and the real fun will begin.
I got sick this afternoon late so I laid down for awhile and finally felt better this evening. Hopefully, I won't wake up that way in the morning and we can spend a fun day with the kids.
Steve and I sowed some grass seed this morning in the south yard- the flood kinda messed up that part of the yard and it has bare spots here and there. Should have done it over the winter, but just didn't think to put grass seed on the shopping list.