Thursday, December 10, 2009

It's been a fun couple of weeks...

I have been fighting an infection for about 10 days now and last week when it started, I couldn't get into the doctor. The nurse told me if it got worse to go to the ER. That was last Tuesday. Well, Friday, I called Steve home from work to take me. But they couldn't get me in. They were full and it would be evening sometime before they could work me in. I just walked out and came home. I found out that we have an NP in Kansas and I got in there on Tuesday. The infection is almost gone but having tummy problems on the antibiotics.
I missed all the Christmas things I had helped with up town.
I am mending and the Christmas cards have started coming in. I will try to get some of them scanned for you today or tomorrow.
The wind here was terrible yesterday but we missed the great snow storm. It doesn't sound like its blowing today. Not brave enough to stick my head out yet.
Doug and Tiff could be here this weekend and then stay through Christmas.
This is Craig's last week of classes and then finals are next Monday- Wednesday.
Don't forget to say Merry Christmas!

Christmas eve 1986

at my grandparents' house in Charleston...