Sunday, March 22, 2009

Stupid cat trying to fit into a cinder clock she could get into last summer before she added a few pounds.
She's not the only one around here that's done that this winter. We all need to work off a little extra weight.
Transplanted more irises this morning and got all of them out of the hibiscus- they were choking it out, so hopefully we will have blooms this year, but if we don't we will next again.
The beds are really dry and we could use some rain, but the yard still feels soggy.
It was fun to play in the dirt this morning. It was supposed to be 65 today but most of the day it hung around 49.
Steve got the limb pile burnt today and we still have a pile of leaves but was a bit too windy to do them. They blow through the air and we are waiting on a calm day.
Been a lot of fires getting out of control in our area- and the fire depts have been kept busy putting them out. People don't want to wait for calmer days and then they wonder why they lost a garage.
My friends chicks have no liked the cold weather- death toll yesterday was 17 out of 50. That's not too good.