Tuesday, February 24, 2009

This is the north side of the living room- and those of you that haven't seen my house- it's almost wall to wall furniture. I have been saving things for the kids when they move out- but for now we have to live with them.
I used my sofa table over the top of my end table to save space and it gave me a "shelf" over the table for the lamps and the pretties.
The lamps are vintage- found them in a second hand shop!
I had them rewired to make sure there would be no fires, and they are great. $12.00 for the pair!

This is Pickles. She has a sister, Potsie. She is 1/2 siamese with big blue eyes. Its been hard getting a good picture of her- she never sits still.

This is Potsie and she was supposed to be Craig's cat- but she ended up being a momma's girl.
This is Boofy- she is a brat in the mornings and chases the dog around and then he chases her.
This is Doofy- the mentally challenged one. Soon I will post pics of his goofy pet tricks.

This is BeBe- he is a toy poodle and totally spoiled.

He was very bad yesterday- came back in with muddy paws right after the kitchen floor had been mopped.

Oh, its early, I know, but I have been up since 4am. Got the kitchen cleaned up and dishes out of the dish washer. Trash is ready to go out. Cleaned the counters off of all the clutter. Steve is up watching FOX news and on his second cup of coffee. He should be able to move before long. The temp outside is 21 this morning. It said its going to be up to 41 today.

I'm going to work on a genealogy project I started this winter on early Oakland settlers. Have one notebook done, just need to finish typing it into the pc. This one is the births, deaths, marriages and land purchased in Oakland from 1829-1910. I have two other large notebooks full of the family trees. Found these early Oakland photos on ebay and I have no idea who they are. The seller says they are from Oakland.