Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Hello from the old folks home:

Boy, are we ever a sad lot here. We got Steve cleaned up this morning and dressed. Then we went to town. Got the mail and did a grocery run. Stopped by Terri's to see what she's been up to in the yard...she is always up to something. Got my light bulbs Craig left in her van last week.
She gave me a light pole thing without the light- but I stuck the solar light in the top of it. Drove down to ADM to check the progress of their new pole building they are putting up. Back down to the square and home. Tired out and hungry. Had lunch, surfed the net, got bored and decided we both needed a nap. Every time one of us fell asleep the phone would ring or someone was at the door. I got a whole 10 minute nap. But...the babies are fed, Steve is fed, I ate and the windows are up on the van...dark clouds north...and the dogs been out, played, pottied and he ate. So..........it may be an early night.

I think later I will make a sign for the door-
Shady Rest Old Folks Home