Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Fed chickens this afternoon right before the rain and hail came. Aren't they cute? They are Rhode Island Reds and they were hungry. Gosh- haven't fed chickens in a long, long time.

Our friend, Kyle, is working out of town for a couple days, so we are cat sitting "Miss Kitty". She is an outdoor cat and we cannot get her friendly with ours, so she doesn't get hurt when she goes back home to the nasty neighbor cats. She is doing really good and loves being sung to. She will roll over so you can rub her tummy and she purrs good.
Gretchen and Alaina are spending time with her family up north, and they got 50 new chicks this morning. We are going to go check on them while they are gone to make sure they are doing ok.
Craig and Steve are going to the doctor this afternoon. Craig has pulled something in his calf and it is not healing and Steve's cold is deep in his chest and he coughs till he can't catch his breath. He's been fighting it for almost 3 weeks.
My friend, Terri, has been busy cleaning her closets out again and brought several bags of clothes over for Ruthie and I. I nabbed 2 things out of the bags and the rest Ruth can go through when she gets home.
Terri has lost a lot of weight over the last two years and we are lucky enough to get what she undergrows!
It's a really nice day and sunny, but this afternoon is calling for thunderstorms.