Thursday, January 21, 2010

I guess Steve and I just bought us an early valentine present...a new fridge...and a new disposal...called the man in Charleston this morning and he delivered, set it up, hooked it up and installed the disposal in no time at all.
Doug and Tiff left after lunch then for home. They were gone about half and hour and I thought...I didn't get any pictures at all this time.
The pc was it back last night...still have so much to put back on here...lost all that...but Andy saved my documents and my pictures!
After I ate lunch, I just crashed...I'm so tired. Had to start in as soon as we got up...and now there is peace and quiet...Craig started back to classes today...all the kids gone and its such a gray, rainy day...I have been fighting off a nap...
Have a good day!

Good morning!

Very first thing going on this morning is that everything in the freezer is thawed! So...we need to call the repairman in Charleston as soon as he opens...but I bet we will be buying a new fridge by this afternoon.
We will lose all the food in the freezer and all the food from the funeral...which is such a waste...but can't be least it waited until Harold was gone...
It would have been hard to deal with when we were doing his meals...
So, I guess that sets the tone for the day...what a way to jump right back into "life" for Steve...welcome back to "normal" !