Tuesday, August 4, 2009

You all have to watch CMT on Saturday night:

This is Meghan Linsey and Josh Jones- Steel Magnolia.
They are finalist in the CMT show Can You Duet
Josh is Doug's age and was in scouts with him.
I started at Littelfuse with his mom, Chris, 15 years ago and we worked together there.
They lived here in Oakland and then moved to Charleston.
Raymond and Steve grew up with Chris and her brother, Larry, who just passed away.
My sister in law- Susan- told me that Larry was her first serious boyfriend.
Isn't it a small world sometimes?
Anyway- just watch!
They are really, really, really good!

Rainy day fun...

planning ahead a little here...won't be long though...making tags...
I really like this one...put a hole at the top and ribbon through it...then set it in a floral arrangement...or in a group of other things...or in a wreath...