Friday, April 17, 2009

Today at my house...

Craig and Steve- Steve sees the surgeon on Monday....

Have a good weekend!

My clematis- climbing up the rosebush instead of the trellis- but will bloom soon if the weather stays warm.

Those crazy squirrels have been moving my bulbs- a daffodil alone in the lily bed and a tulip in the drive way- on the wrong side of the railroad tie. Next winter- I'm leaving them a map.

BeBe ran away to the neighbors and Craig had to fetch him.

More pics from Mary's trip to the Holy Land

After leaving Spring of Harod we continued down the Jezreel Valley to the ancient city of Bet She'am. Please join me in looking at these pictures, as I walked through the remarkable restoration of the Roman ruins, that sit in the shadow of the hill where the Philistines once displayed the bodies of King Saul and his sons.Bet She'am was one of my favorite places, that I could not help but to take a lot of pictures. I find this area so hard to just pic a few pictures to show you, and I'm sure you will see why.

There is no way we could ever have ruins like that here that are preserved. We bulldoze and pave over everything we can. Its jsut amazing that all this is still there after all these years.

Great desktop images- just save to your pc

My latest desktop image that I found online- I love the colors!