Wednesday, July 4, 2012

just a quick update before I head for bed...

Got to talk to my step mom today, and dad is doing better.
When I first called, he sounded terrible.
I could hear him breathing and there was a lot of water in that sound.
He doesn't know to cough.
He can't do it if they tell him to, but eventually he does do it and Paula had to run and suction out his mouth.
He would yell out and then just jabber.
She put the phone up to his ear and I said hi, dad.
He said hi, dad back to me and that was it.
I personally think he has had another stroke or is having a series of small ones.
He is eating a purried diet.
He will go back to the nursing home tomorrow or Friday.
The antibiotics and the yelling he does have cleared his lungs.
I do not see this going on for very long, though.
Not if he cannot cough when he should.
He has just forgot how.
He will soon forget how to swallow.
Once again, he has rallied.
I do not know how many times the doctors have counted him out.
Its just not quite his time.
But, hopefully, it will come soon.