Monday, May 4, 2009

Medical Update:

The patient is doing as well as can be expected. Since he is a man, you know what I mean. He was in a lot of pain yesterday, but it was the 3rd day after surgery and its always the worst one. He did sleep a little better last night, but he just can't get comfortable for any period of time and he was getting so tired.
We had to take Craig to Charleston right after lunch and it was a long ride for him. Of course, we ran into road construction. We took a short walk when we got back. We were both stiff and sore from riding.
We had an early supper- Craig has 3 days of exams and then he's out for the year.
Got a graduation card today in the mail- Steve's cousin's oldest is graduating from COLLEGE!
Yep- we're old...
Steve's dad is doing good. They inspected his apartment today, it wears him out.
Had to water the veggies and flowers this morning- all the rain they said was coming this week has been changed to dry- which is good for the farmers. We drove by fields today that are still under water and they are so far behind in planting- if they don't get a break soon- it will start effecting their yields and our grocery prices now.
My friend got seeds for an exciting new plant- its like a morning glory but called a moon flower- it will only bloom at night. I will be over there later this summer to get pics of it. It sounds cool.
I picked up 2 packs of forget me nots Saturday and need to get them planted this week- had them- they used them on old fashioned postcards a lot- but the flood took them. So , I'm going to try it again. They are so pretty.
Time to take out the dog again- have a good evening!

Babies nursing:

I had already fed them and some are really sleeping and the others are still wanting to nurse. Been trying to get some good images of them nursing Pickles. It's rather long, so be patient. This would be fun for all your kids and grandkids!