Monday, July 5, 2010

Ryan Bruce update:

Things are going better but they face new challenges with each new step.
Over the weekend, Ryan got moved to a larger room, which is very good news for him and his family who are stay with him.
His mom was sleeping in a chair.
Now she has room to open the chair out into a bed.
His dad and sister are better now and can help out again.
He is doing very well in his therapy.
He can undo velcro.
This is good but a problem.
The J collar for his neck and his straps that hold him in the chair have velcro.
He keeps trying to gets these off.
One night he was fiddling with his trach, IV, velcro...anything he could get his busy hands on.
But he's gaining.
He is down to Motrin for pain, but still having problems with his shoulder/shoulder blade area and until they take that trach out, he can't talk and tell them what's going on.
Same prayers are needed.
Strength for all of them,
trach out,
physical therapy to continue to progress,
wisdom for those who are working with him.

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