Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Headers 101-

right click on header
click save picture as
this will pop up a little window
click on album or just save in pictures
click save
on your tool bar
the thing at the top
click design
the top item is your header area
click edit
click image from your computer
click browse
and your picture window pops up
find your header and click on it
I can double click mine and it will go right in
if you can't, then click the open box
make sure you click instead of title or you will have one on top of the other
click save
that's it
go to view blog and see your new header
let me know how you do


Donna said...

Ok, I will have to give this a try! thanks so much for sharing, as I definitely am challenged in this department!

xinex said...

Thanks for the tutorial, Tete. Hey, I think I finally got that right, didn't I? LOL....Christine

Debbie said...

LOLOLOL oh my gosh Tete!!! I finally got the header over to my blog, but it's really small!!LOL what did I do wrong??!! Hahaha
I so appreciate your direction, and especially your time and patience with me. YOU are THE best!!!!!!!

Debbie said...

I use the blogger templates. Is that what you needed?