Sunday, December 12, 2010

another poem...

Oh Santa Claus, dear Santa Claus, I still believe in you,
For long ago, when I was small, my heart was broke in two.

I went home crying to my mom and she knew just what to say,
When bullies said you didn’t exist and I was so afraid.

She said Jesus taught in stories, so moms and dads did too,
And Santa was invented so we’d know later what to do.

You see Santa is a spirit, inspired from God and Jesus above,
And he teaches the art of giving and of unconditional love.

Because humans are born selfish, and before we can accept God’s son,
We have to be given freely to while we’re very young.

So when we grow up, we help each other in our walk here below,
And we carry Christ within our hearts wherever we may go.
Because giving is an art, it’s something that everyone must learn,
It’s such a concept to receive something that we didn’t have to earn.

She held me close and stroked my hair and rocked me back and forth,
She said, “I still believe in Santa and that he comes from way up north.

And every year on Christmas Eve, the whole world plays the part,
We dress in Santa costumes to put faith in little hearts.”

And with the tracks of falling tears, she looked me in the eye,
She wiped my face with calloused hands and let out a tiny sigh.

Now that I knew the secret, I was a big girl now,
And this year I could play Santa and she would show me how.

It was all about giving freely and helping out our fellow man,
That true joy comes with giving and soon I’d understand.

That was many years ago, but the lesson is still true,
Oh Santa, dear old Santa, I will always believe in you.

For God was the first Santa, when he sent his son to earth,
That all mankind could be saved if they believed upon his birth.

And just like Santa’s, there is a list to see who’s naughty or nice,
And the only way through Heaven’s gates is with the blood of Christ.

And the magic is still with us from that first Christmas eve,
And it’s up to us to keep the secret that teaches little ones to believe.

Teresa Stairs- Dennis 2006


Cheryl~ZanyMayd said...

Beautiful Poem Tete ~ You are so gifted....

Thanks so much for the Etsy Order, You didn't use your 20% code, do you want a refund, or some fun extras???? if I ship Fed Ex, I just do the address, but leave off the PO Box, Right????? You having lots of snow there? we are in the starting hours of Lots of Snow ~ I think it is suppose to Snow till Late Monday night.... So I probably will not get out to the Post Office till Tuesday....
talk soon ~ More Poems Please!

Donnie said...

That is so sweet and a very good way to explain Santa to children but only when they ask. Have a great day.

NanaDiana said...

What a wonderful poem. Great job, Tete. and that makes me think that I will post my Christmas poem about the Christmas Rose tomorrow. Hugs-Diana