Sunday, June 5, 2011


A VIRUS is going round called Housework.
 If you feel the need to start Housework:
 Stop immediately !
 This virus wipes out your BLOGGING life.
If you should come in contact with Housework,
go straight to the nearest store and buy the only known antidote which is called CHOCOLATE.


~~Carol~~ said...

According to my daughter, I have natural immunity to that virus! Especially during the Spring and Summer, when you throw gardening into the mix. Then my house is a real mess!

NanaDiana said...

Thank you for the warning, Tete- I was just about to get up and do something...but I certainly don't want the infection to spread-so guess I will sit here til the worst of the urge to clean passes-xoDiana

D said...

Hello there,
I had a bad case of "the houseworks" yesterday, so I took your advice and ate a big handful of M&M's. :)


Julie said...

BWAH-hahahahahaha....LOVE IT>..and the antidote?......PRICELESS...I feel a virus coming on! :-) :-) xo

Beth said...

Tete, How cute! Love the colorful and springy blog background. I know you enjoy changing it up every now and then. Hope you are well.
Blessings, Beth

Honey at 2805 said...

I've been able to stave off the virus with that daily dose of chocolate. It's the perfect medicine! Had a bowl of Rocky Road tonight for extra protection!

Angela said...

Actually, I NEED to catch that virus!