Tuesday, September 27, 2011

things that made me smile today...
1. Debbie at Lakehouse- her posts today were just so fun and you need to check out the upstairs bedroom...
2. watching Bebe and the new baby playing tonight in the living room floor, with Mr Wiggles getting in on the action every now and then
3. Suave Milk and Honey body wash- if you haven't tried it - you must!
4. the 3 walks Craig and I took today
5. getting by blog back in order after trying something new with the background and I ended up having to start all over from scratch on all of my settings- I really thought I had messed it up for good- LOL


Jettie said...

How is the new baby doing, now that the other two are not there?

noticed that you had changed the background, again. I need to learn to change mine, but I'm so disorganized right now, I'm afraid I'll delete the whole thing.

Beautiful post as usual.

mlu said...

I saw the picture of the vintage mirror you posted. I fave a similar mirror that I am thinking about selling and was wondering if you could give me an idea about what price to ask for it. Thanks for your time. You can email me at mlusimp@yahoo.com