Monday, March 12, 2012

In need of prayer...

Patty from My Mountain Blessings has done a couple posts now asking for prayer for her friend's daughter.
She is from an area in Kentucky who had 2 tornadoes go through last week.
They destroyed everything in their paths.
Here is their story:
(from Patty's blog)
One of those critically injured was a 23 year old girl who was very close to us.
Her name is Amy.
Her Mother's name is Carolyn. 
 Amy was at her boyfriends home during
the tornado.  His name is Eric
This is her Mother's  story:

I called Amy who was at her boyfriends home.
I told her the weather was getting really bad.
 I felt she needed to come home now. 
Eric's home is a double-wide mobile home.
Not the safest place to be during a severe storm.
I felt she would be safer here in our home.
Amy said she would be okay and wanted to stay where she was.
I was still on the phone with Amy when I could hear a loud commotion in
the background.
I heard Eric's Mother yelling, "get in the hallway now!"
She screamed this out several times.
It was just a few seconds later that Amy's cell phone went dead.
I knew something was seriously wrong.
Carolyn quickly headed in the direction of Eric's home.
When they arrived there was nothing but rubble
and debris everywhere.
There was nothing left of the home.
The rescue teams would not let allow me to enter the area.
I explained that my daughter was in that home.
When they heard this, I was allowed to enter.
Eric's Mom and Dad were found
lying in the midst of the rubble.
They were both dead.
I reasoned in my heart that Amy was dead too.
After searching through the rubble of the home
 they did not find Amy.
I thought I would never see my daughter again.
She was later found several feet away from the home.
Amy's body was covered in blood.
It was then I saw her leg.
It was horrible.
 looked as if a 2x4 had blown through it.
She was critically injured,
but still breathing.

The make a long story short.
Due to her injuries,
Amy was air lifted immediately
to the University of Kentucky hospital.
Her leg was amputated.
One of her arms was broken and damaged seriously.
It required several hours of surgery.
They could not find Eric at first.
Eventually he was found and is also in UK hospital
He has many broken bones and internal injuries.
He is currently still in ICU.

Carolyn and Amy

Amy is so in need of prayer as she begins her healing.
There are many things she will be facing.
Many new changes.
An update from Patty said that her other leg and both arms are broken.
The one arm is going to require hours of surgery.
Her chest took the brunt of her being slammed into a tree.
She is still on the vent, unable to breathe on her own.
She is not aware of her injuries or Eric's...
or his parents.
They had to cut part of her long hair that was entangled in the branches.
Can you imagine?
Finding your child like that?
Waking up from something like that?
The healing will come.
Time will move on.
But the scars from this, and the healing of mind, body and soul will take a toll.
Keep Amy and her mother and others like them in your prayers.
So much was lost that day.
Loss that will try the faith of everyone.
Pray for their complete healing.
For Amy, Eric, Carolyn-
their community.
As they move forward with each new day.
That they keep their faith and God close.
That His hand is upon them.
Thank you, Patty, for letting me share their story.


delia hornbook said...

Thank you for sharing their story my heart goes to out them. I am afraid i don't believe in god how can you when these terrible things happen to good people. But i will keep them deeply in my thoughts and i wish you all a fast and loving recovery. dee x

Jettie said...

Praying for them, tornadoes scare me as you never know their path.

Julie said...

NO..I can't imagine...and don't want to try...but I do feel for this mama...and I am so glad that I DO believe in God...The rains and storms come down on the just and the unjust in this world. It is broken...But thank GOD, HE is there for us in the unexpected bad and the delirious good of all of this journey. He is my TRUE refuge and strength in this walk we call life. :-) For this I am thankful to the end. Prayers for this family as they hopefully pull in TIGHT to God. Tete, thanks for letting others share in the talks to God for them. I'm sure there are many others like them. Hugs to you and hope ya'll are okay too. xoxoxoxo :-)

NanaDiana said...

Thank you, Tete. It is hard to understand sometimes why we are handed certain things in life. I am praying for healing for everyone. I cannot imagine finding my child like that nor can I imagine what she is going to go through when she is aware enough to know what has happened. They are ALL in my prayers. xo Diana

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

goodness, how horrific. Prayers going their way.

Cheryl~ZanyMayd said...

They will all be in my Prayers, Thank you Tete for sharing, please keep us posted if you hear anything...

Patty Sumner said...

Thank you so much Tete for posting about Carolyn and Amy. They need the power of prayer in their lives right now. I can't wait to tell Carolyn about your post and all the wonderful comments. It is so good to know people are praying. Blessing to you!

Patty Sumner said...

Thank you so much Tete for posting about Carolyn and Amy. They need the power of prayer in their lives right now. I can't wait to tell Carolyn about your post and all the wonderful comments. It is so good to know people are praying. Blessing to you!

Susie said...

Dear Tete, I prayed even as I read your post. My heart hurts for all of them. Xo, Susie