Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Ryan Bruce Update: One Month Home

Ryan has been home one month now after a near fatal car accident. The following is part of a post by his mother.Last week we were blessed to have a visit from two Officers from the HP Police Department that were at the scene of the accident (after Ryan was already on the way to the hospital.) Officer F. had the very difficult job of coming to our house to tell us the tragic news. He also escorted us to the hospital, stayed several hours with us and was offering up his prayers for our family. Officer C. also came to the hospital later that evening. They knew the gravity and hopelessness of the situation. Before coming to Baptist, Officer C. had stopped by HP Regional Hospital (where Ryan was first taken before being airlifted to Baptist Hospital in Winston Salem). The doctor there told him he did not think there was a chance of Ryan surviving. Also, Officer C’s brother (who had been a paramedic for several years and is now a police officer) was one of the first on the scene. He had little, if any, hope for Ryan’s survival. (It makes me cry just thinking about this. –K.) So these Officers, who knew the worst, were totally surprised when Ryan opened our front door to invite them in! Even though they knew Ryan was home, they did not expect him to be so . . . well! They were VERY HAPPY to see Ryan up and about and looking so good! And to see our family smiling! We had a wonderful visit and totally agree with Officer C’s comment to Ryan, “You are a MIRACLE!” Yes – truly a miracle! Ryan and his family still are in need of prayers as he continues therapies and is seeing a specialist on his shoulder.


gail said...

oh my gosh....what a wonderful outcome. miracles happen every day, and I'm so happy for this young man and his family! thanks for sharing that, Tete.

The Sisson Clan said...

Dear T,
Thank you for sharing this with all your followers. In case you hadn't noticed there are pictures of Ryan before and after the accident at the top of the caring bridge page. Go to photos.
Sending you hugs,