Saturday, November 20, 2010

This is a letter to the editor in a local paper here...

Someone gave up a very special dog for family:

To the folks who dropped off a brown puppy on Mount Gilead Road 12 years ago, our family would like to give you a message of thanks.
You left us with the most loving and wonderful dog anyone could ever want. Those of you who do not enjoy the love of a special pet might want to skip to the next letter, but if you do know that kind of love, this was a special friend.
We live on 13 acres, and she loved to run with the horses and keep other animals at bay. She kept our yard clear of raccoons, opossums, coyotes and any other animal that might venture too close for her liking.
When we moved into town four years ago, she had to get used to staying in her yard. That was a learning process, during which time she developed a passing relationship with the local animal control officer until I completed a fence that she couldn't jump over. Her running was now confined to going with me along the lake shore, where she would take every opportunity to go in for a swim, even if there was some ice on the lake.
As she got older, I had to tie her at the halfway point of my run or she would be so tired she couldn't move the rest of the day. I guess it won't be long before I will be turning around at the halfway point myself, but I will always go at least that far just to see if she is waiting there.
She was loved by everyone who knew her, and we will miss her very much. We buried her in our backyard today.
Her name was Biggs.

Letters to the Editor for Friday, November 19, 2010


Cheryl~ZanyMayd said...

Warning for Kleenex should have been posted ~ That is So Sweet.... Hope your weekend is Beautiful, I am suppose to be Cleaning, but Not in the mood, so I am listening to Christmas Music!!!!! Love It
xox said...

WOW! Im with Cheryl! In need of kleenex! Im actually having to take a moment for the tears to stop so I can write....Ok, im back. I just happened upon your ABSOLUTELY PRECIOUS site today as i am roaming thru blogland (im new here) and your lilspot here touches me on many levels! I ADORE the fact that you put your Faith out there(I do as well on my hopes that it might touch the right person on the right day) and I find that YOU have done that TO ME...TODAY! I needed to hear ( i mean, i KNOW, but sometimes you you just need to hear) God is in control and steadfast...My family is going trough some TUFF STUFF right now and you reminded me God is always there, even if we do not thank you and kiss kiss for that! Now! THE STORY of the dog...heart felt and gut grabbing...we have a black lab that some college age kid threw out of his car, 6 years ago, and we named him Raider...he is THE BEST DOG GOD loyal, loving and just WANTS love...he is still with us but he is aging...walks a bit slower, getting up is a bit tuffer, turning gray around the chin and barks a bit quieter...CRUM, give me a sec....Whew! Ok, back... so I know we have a limited amount of time, though i will be greatful to God for the time we do have left...I leave here today, forever touched, and a bit PUFFY around the eyes...but THANK YOU for the precious memory! NOW...I am doing 14 days of Christmas trees and would BEYOND be GRATEFUL if you come visit...I would be prous to call you my new friend :)
I have a giveaway going on, you might like:)
Thank you again!


blessings xoxokara said...

Im your newest follower by the way :)

Virginia said...
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Virginia said...

Sweet story...
Much Blessings,

LV said...

What a sweet story and also a sad one all in one. That was a great writeup. After we lost our last one, Thee will never be anymore pets.

NanaDiana said...

Oh my goodness! What is a nuisance to one person is a blessing to another. How great that she had 12 years with Biggs! Now I need a tissue too! hugs-Diana

Beth said...

This is a touching story, Tete. Thanks for sharing it. Have a happy Thanksgiving!