Saturday, December 18, 2010

The magic in each moment...

Let the child within you come out and play,
Look through wide open eyes and see a brand new day.

Let excitement flow easily right down to your toes,
Believe in the enchantment that only children know.

Meet each marvel with a heart that's always kind,
Reach deep within yourself and close your betraying mind.

Take away all reason, forget that it can't be,
Let the doubt float away, believe what you cannot see.

Remember where your feet once took you on a winter afternoon,
And the first time you saw the smile from the man in the moon.

When goodness was in everyone and oxen knelt to pray,
And special fairies scurried away before the break of day.

When every flake that touched your mitten was sent from Heaven above,
And the only thing that filled your soul was unconditional love.

Hurry back to when life was so large it took both hands to hold your cup,
Because the magic in each moment can only be seen when looking up.
I wrote this back when this movie first came out...
Tom Hanks was making the rounds to promote the movie and they were showing bits and pieces of it...
so from those stills...
I wrote this...

DH just called and he is almost home...
lunch is late today...
it's almost 3!
yeah- getting my mini mac...
life is good!

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Donnie said...

You are very talented and this is really lovely. Take care sweetie.